Aerobic exercise

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Aerobic exercise Aerobic exercise or aerobic running is the activity that involves the increase in the consumption of oxygen in the organization. The term “aerobic” refers to air, or oxygen, and represents the use of oxygen in the metabolic processes of the organism, or in the process of energy production. Aerobic exercise is not a […]


The link between hypertension and insomnia

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The link between hypertension and insomnia was questioned for a long time, as those two conditions are co-related, but first, we need to see what insomnia really is. Insomnia Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. It involves difficulty in sleep initiation, difficulty in maintaining the sleeping state or falling asleep after an early wake-up. […]

heart attack

Iker Casillas is the champion!

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Iker Casillas, 5 times World’s Best Goalkeeper, achieved the greatest victory of his life. On the opposite side was a heart attack, a ruthless enemy who takes millions of lives a year, but once again, “San Iker” shows us that he is a true champion, he survived that fight and took the biggest victory of […]