Panalean is a weight loss supplement that helps in losing weight, curbing the appetite, and boosting energy. After using this product, your body will look leaner and more athletic. This product is manufactured in the USA, respecting GMP standards. This product is unique, because it promotes healthy weight loss.

Ingredients of Panalean

The main ingreadients are Innoslimm and FIIT-NS. Together they work to stimulate and promote weight loss. Innoslim is formula that supports healthy weight and glucose metabolism. This is the result of less glucose absorption by reducing the levels of SGLT1 glucose transporter. You will experience less hunger as well. Also, it activates ACC. You will have more energy, healthy cellular functions, and better quality of life.

Fiit-ns® provides 4 complementary subclasses of polyphenols within the flavonoid category: flavanols, flavanones, procyanidins and anthocyanins. 
The combined action of polyphenols from grapefruit, grape, green tea and black carrot with vitamin B3 and low-dose caffeine helps to activate a virtuous circle to reach a better quality of life.

Also it contains other ingredients such as : Green Tea, Guarana, Grapefruit extract.


You should use this product as a addition to your normal eating habits. When it comes to daily doses, you should use two capsules per day with a meal. If you are using some other drugs, consult your doctor before taking the supplement for possible interactions.


Store it in dark place on the room temperature.

Benefits of using Panalean

In addition to positive effects on body fat, it also has many benefits regarding whole body health. This includes :

  • Cleans the blood of toxins
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Manages healthy blood pressure
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Controls inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Sharpens cognition
  • Has an anti-aging effect

Shipping policy

It usually takes 5 – 7 days this product to arrive at your house