In HOSP  we believe that prevention is better than any cure and we taught our patients to take that mindset. Because prevention is much cheaper than any treatment. But the problem is that we all consider that bad things will never happen to us. And that is why we treat health as not very important. We only realize how important it is when we start losing it. So supplementation as a part of everyday eating habits are not important rather it is mandatory.

Why is supplementation so important?


There are plenty of reasons why you should consider supplementation. First of all, food that we eat today is industrial based food with little or no microelements (vitamins and minerals). That is due to max production of all ingredients of all food. However, the consequences of eating food are not seen in early stages when we are young. All these lack of elements that normal raw food has, will rapidly worsen the health your organism. Nowadays that many diseases have in roots same cause and that is bad eating habits combined with a sedentary lifestyle. So the easiest way is to take supplements.

Supplements are well known for their precise value of all necessary ingredients well packaged in capsules, tablets or drops. Cutting edge pharmaceutical technology is used in making this kind of products. Second some nutrients are not produced in human body. Therefore they need to be taken from outside source.  Supplements are very good when there are nutrients that need to taken in small quantities and  everyday food can not provide that.

Does supplement cure?

Supplements and other herbal products can cure and they are first defense in early stages of every disease.  Moreover they can reduce the risk and symptoms of diseases that are in later stages, However, they are not in first line of defense against the serious condition because they do not act specifically on one organ of your body. Rather they are protectors of organism. So they are basically used in prevention.  This is especially relevant to heart diseases. So we in HOSP provide our patients for the best possible solutions on the internet. However, according to law supplements are not controlled in the same way drugs are controlled. So sometimes supplements are not effective nor safe so choose wisely which supplements would you ingest.

How do supplements change my therapy?


So before you start using supplements you should consider advising with doctor or pharmacist. They will tell you how to get best results with little or no side effects. If you are using any other medications this is mandatory because there is possible interaction that this supplement has with that drug. Some supplements are widely used before the breakfast on the empty stomach. It is always good idea to consult with somebody that have medical background.


Heart diseases and supplementation

Most used supplements in treatment of heart diseases are :

Fish oil complex – Very important supplement ingredient because it contains a two very important of unsaturated fatty acids. Have a huge role in reducing triglyceride levels and risk of having heart attack.  

Magnesium –  Magnesium is very important mineral that have positive impact on all muscles – it enables them to have appropriate relaxation and contraction. 

Coenzyme Q10 – Very powerful antioxidant that find its place in therapy in many heart diseases.  Its usage is consider in therapy of heart failure as one of the rare supplement that improves the life duration ratio.