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How many times have you experienced that you wake up feeling very tired although you slept  8 hours?  

 How many times have you caught yourself you can not fall asleep?   

This problem affects around 30% of people around the world. There are many causes for this problem including but not limited to stress, bad eating habits, anxiety, depression, using some medications, and others, like some psychiatric disorders. The consequences of sleep disorders can affect everyday life inducing problems with libido, gaining in weight (obesity), digestion problems and heart diseases. The countries that are most affected by this problem are Russia, Scandinavian Countries, USA, and Canada.

So the question is how to solve this emerging problem?

Melaluna is 100 % natural supplement that is the key to your healthy sleep. Cutting edge formulation is specially designed for you and your sleep in order to achieve feeling of being full of energy and refreshed.

There are plenty of positive effects that melaluna have on your body but we will underline 3 most important and crucial for your overall health:

  1. Achieve point of deep relaxation without anxiety and depression
  2. Supporting healthy sleep, very useful in the treatment of insomnia
  3. Enhances brain power and memory

The treasure from nature is here for you. Melaluna with its herbal ingredients that are specially picked from forests and other sources mixed in one product. The concentration of the following ingredients is optimal, and it has been researched for many years in order to get the best possible results with less or no side effects.

This product contains:

Valerian extract- this plant is long known for its calming effects on your body, and helping people to fall asleep without using any drugs. Very powerful against insomnia. It optimizes sleep cycle having effects on neurotransmitters. Also, people use this extract for taking bath because of its relaxation effects on human body.

Melatonin– a natural hormone in human body that reduces the sleep cycle. Very important for achieving refreshing sleep. Today it is considered and it is clinically proven that people who are older have reduced level of melatonin and its use is indicated to this people.

Chamomile –natural relaxant used all around the world. It is famous for its effects on mental performance and fighting against anxiety and insomnia.

Passion Flower-The components of passionflower have calming, sleep inducing and sedative effects.

After this product you will feel refreshed as you’ve never felt before.

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