Smoking effects

Statistics point to the devastating fact that the number of smokers in the world will soon reach one billion! According to comparisons from research from 1980, to this day, that is about 300 million more smokers, despite many laws on banning smoking in public places, financial restrictions on the import and sale of tobacco, excise taxes, raising taxes and the like.
According to research, every third man and every fourth woman are smokers, and to the great regret and damage to the health of our children, it has been established that even every third pregnant woman enjoys this vice, and every seventh adolescent also falls into its clutches.
Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 different chemical substances that are harmful to the health of every human being, of which at least 50 substances have a carcinogenic effect on humans. Only some of these substances are the well-known toxic arsenic and carbon monoxide. In addition to the beforementioned "poisons", cigarettes also contain, perhaps the most dangerous in this case - nicotine, which actually creates mental and physical dependence on cigarettes.

Because of this, many smokers who want to quit smoking go through a rather difficult period of quitting, and some people even try to stop this vice several times. Therefore, this condition can adversely affect the general mood and mental state of the person trying to quit smoking.Then, we must list the daily problems and inconveniences that smoking causes in smokers. This implies the harmful effect of cigarettes on general breathing - after a certain time, smoking leads to shortness of breath, then frequent coughing and irritation in the throat, increased risk of various respiratory infections, including bronchitis.

In addition to the above, smoking has a bad effect on the general condition, as in the following examples:

· Smoking can alter the senses of taste and smell

· Smoking compromises general fitness and energy

· Smoking directly endangers the physical appearance of the smoker - yellow teeth, premature skin aging, unpleasant odor

· Smoking condemns smokers to a constant struggle with their own needs, ie frequent abstinence from cigarettes, which has a direct impact on the current mood and condition of smokers

· Smoking exposes smokers to a higher risk of depression and anxiety

Smoking and diseases

Smoking definitely has the most harmful effect on the smoker's lungs, because the lungs directly absorb all the harmful substances contained in cigarettes by inhaling smoke. On average, 85% of all lung diseases, and about one third of all cancerous diseases are caused by cigarette consumption, where the following are most common:

· Esophageal cancer

· Lip cancer deeper

· Uterine cancer

· Prostate cancer

· Stomach cancer

· Pancreatic cancer

In addition, smoking increases the risk of the following diseases:

· Autoimmune diseases

· Bone diseases: osteoporosis

· Cardiovascular diseases: coronary heart disease, heart attack, chest pain, high blood pressure, stroke, internal bleeding

· Pulmonary diseases: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis

· Eye diseases: cataracts, damage to the optic nerves

· Oral and dental diseases: leukoplakia, inflammation of the salivary glands, gum disease, tooth damage

· All types of cancerous diseases

· Leukemia

· Infertility

Effects of smoking cessation on the body

Smokers, you don't have to wait years to see the benefits of non-smoking.
Here is a brief description of what happens to you at the very beginning when you stop:

· 20 MINUTES - blood pressure and pulse are stabilized, and peripheral circulation is increased

· 8 HOURS - the concentration of nicotine and carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body

· 24 HOURS - complete carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body

· 48 HOURS - it is enough for complete nicotine to disappear from the body and to significantly improve the sense of smell and taste

· 72 HOURS - breathing is easier because bronchial relaxation occurs

· 3 - 9 MONTHS - after smoking cessation, the secretion in the lungs disappears, thus the cough and the characteristic ‘playing’

· 1 YEAR - the risk of heart attack is reduced by as much as 50%!

· 15 YEARS - the risk of stroke is the same as for non-smokers.

Therefore, our dear readers: throw away a pack of cigarettes, breathe in the fresh air and start collecting money.