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Hello guys,

Let me introduce myself,

I am Mr Ph. Milan and I work as a pharmacist. I have experience in working in many fields of medicine but my speciality is heart diseases especially heart attacks.

You may wander why is that?

Many of my patients died from a heart attack. That is why we started our app, but I will inform you when the app will be finished, It will enable a risk assessment of heart attack for FREE. Anyway, today I will be talking about some supplement that I bumped around on my praxis.

Three days ago I was working as usual. But one of my patients come to me to ask me about one product. Actually, I did not notice what is going on. He told me about Heart Attack Defense – Supplement. Actually, I was a little bit confused. How he came to this supplement. As my work request, I am trying to keep up with everything that is in my field.

I took that product and started investigating.

What I found is that it contains the best quality of OMEGA ACIDS. That is why it is one of the best protection against a heart attack. This supplement is COMPLETE fish oil, including The Missing Omega – it can fully support health and help protect the body against the damage inflammation can cause.

physiotru omega

  • Molecularly distilled to the highest purity
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Crafted from only whole wild-caught Menhaden fish
  • Contains DPA, EPA, and DHA

And suddenly i started investigating studies.


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So what do the people with the healthiest hearts have in common?

It’s The Missing Omega. A landmark study by The Harvard School of Public Health analyzed the test results of over 30,000 people. They discovered those who had increased amounts of The Missing Omega in their system, had better heart health than those who did not. **

Today, it’s more important than ever to be proactive about taking care of the heart.

Physiotru Omega is next-generation fish oil that gives the heart the greatest support against rising heart attack rates by including ALL THREE Omegas. The secret is DPA: a rare, little-known Omega-3 we’ve combined with EPA and DHA to create a unique, complete formula.

Harvard Health analyzed data from 30,000 patients and found increased DPA levels to be the one thing those with the healthiest hearts had in common. Japanese researchers found DPA to be ten times more effective than other more common Omegas (EPA and DHA) at protecting against deadly blood clots. DPA is also the specific Omega responsible for shutting off excess inflammation in the body, which is a root cause of many health issues including heart disease.

PhysioTru omega

Physiotru Omega’s DPA comes from wild Menhaden (known to be the most abundant source of DPA) that have been sustainably caught in clean, waters. The freshly chilled Menhaden are kept whole and make a quick journey to a nearby facility where they are quickly prepared for the production process. The next step is something a lot of fish oil producers don’t do well, or not at all, because it’s expensive and cuts into profits. It’s called molecular distillation: the process of refining the oil into an ultra-pure state. PhysioTru meeting these standards offer several The oil is much more concentrated, so less DPA is needed per capsule – Because the oil is a higher grade more readily absorbed, there are no fish burps.

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5/5 Quality 100% Safety 100% Usability 100%

I began taking this about a month and a half ago and I am able to see a difference in my energy level. It didn’t happen right away, it was gradual. I don’t know if this is a coincidence but I also sleep better at night, possibly because I have more energy and my activity level has increased during the day. I’ve also noticed my skin is softer and not dry and flaky. I’ve also lost some weight and just feel better. I know it sounds like a miracle drug but I originally wanted to try it because my husband had cardiac issues a few months ago and Physio Omega claimed to improve and provide cardiac health. I did not purchase this product through Amazon but directly through Physio Tru because of an ad they sent me. I do not usually fall for ads because I am a skeptic and don’t like to waste my money but I watched the entire video which lasted about half an hour, and because their website guaranteed results or your money back (they offered up to two months trial period) I felt I had nothing to lose. Even though it’s a bit pricey I will continue to use this and cut corners on something else I probably don’t really need.

John Doe Manager

I DID read that they are best used in 45 days. I did not order off the web…I also watched the video…I came to HOSP; they are giving the same offer. I think where the web gets yours that they “grandfather” you in at the price here. I am glad I didn’t order 8 bottles, as I’ve read, with the Wild Fish Oil, the capsules should be used in 45 days. I am not sure if freezing the bottles helps or what it does to the capsule and contents themselves.

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