About us

About US

HOSP enterprise is founded on the 7th of November 2018. It was made by five enthusiastic young people with an idea of human health improvement. This company offers a solution for late diagnosis of heart disease. Combining our broad knowledge from different topics we develop an app for android that will prevent heart attack in early stages. Moreover, we provide top quality supplements carefully suited for our customers guided by ethics and altruism. We are currently expanding on the American market.


Our mission is to decrease the number of deaths which are caused by a heart attack with our application and to promote a healthy lifestyle as a way of prevention.

We are working with deepinhale.in.rs, to give you best results


Our goal is to be one of the leading companies in implementing new technologies in modern medicine by 2025. We want to become a multinational company providing our services to people throughout the world.


Our vision is the world without unnecessary worrying and health care expenses. Everyone should receive at the least acceptable level of medical care.

Our team

Every day doing difficult tasks, mr ph. Nikola Krstic CEO and co-founder of HOSP experienced in helping people, ready to analyze and solve every problem

In front of work place , Milan Popovic software developer and co-founder of HOSP always looking for opportunities to make a world a better place

Aleksandar Rajkovic  copywriter and pharmacy student

Nenad Markovic full stack media marketing expert – creative and unstoppable